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Beginners guide for heavy ropes

Posted by Administrator on 2/17/2014
Battle Rope training has been a pretty hot topic in the fitness world for the last few years. A once unique tool that caught people’s eye, today they are everywhere form Adidas ads to UFC highlight films. My goal in this article to explain the basics, uncover some variables, and show you some of the advanced techniques that we have been using at our gym over the last few years.

The Muscles Worked During Rope Exercises

Posted by Greg on 2/13/2014
Heavy rope training is a fun and intense exercise that helps to build muscle, improve your cardiovascular capacity and build endurance too. Rope training is popular with martial artists, rock climbers and endurance athletes. At first glance, rope training looks like a simple arm exercise, but it actually employs your whole body if it is performed correctly.

Battle ropes for rehab

Posted by Administrator on 2/12/2014
Battle ropes are not just for hard core athletes. Many doctors and physical therapists are seeing the benefits of battle ropes for rehab and general health for people of all ages and physical abilities.

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