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Effective Rope Exercises

Posted by David on 4/30/2014
Rope training is nothing new but has been gaining in popularity over the last few years. People have been using thick ropes for a few years now with great benefits.

Rock Climbing ... without the Rock

Posted by David on 4/16/2014
Rock climbing has become a popular outdoor sport in the last few years. While people have been climbing steep cliff faces and large rock formations for many decades, it has become more and more a great exercise activity for the outdoor enthusiasts. Maybe because rowing a kayak just doesn't provide the muscle training that is needed. Kayaking must be a gateway exercise.

Get Free of the Free Weights!

Posted by Greg on 4/8/2014
We all know that ropes and chains have come into the forefront of fitness and training regimens over the last few years because of what is called resistance training. This is the category of training and fitness that plays off isometrics.

Battle ropes for fasted cardio training

Posted by Administrator on 4/7/2014
Fasted cardio training is the best way to burn that stubborn fat. Battle ropes are great exercise for fasted cardio 1. Because it will get you to your target heart rate necessary for fat loss quicker than any other exercise and 2. There is no need to get ready and drive to the gym when you can use your battle ropes in your yard or the parking lot of your apartment complex.

Find time for yourself

Posted by David on 4/7/2014
If you are like some of us in the working world, we spend a lot of our time either in an office or at home with our families - there is little time for things like exercise and getting fit. We know that with expectations of getting a full eight hours of sleep and working an full eight-hour shift with an hour for lunch, that only leaves seven hours in the day to hang out with family, eat dinner, help the kids with homework, put them to bed, not to mention the commute to and from work every day.

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