Exercise routines need to be varied to avoid overusing and causing injury to the same muscle groups and to train different muscle groups for a full-body workout. If you are looking to mix your old routines with new ones but are unsure how to proceed, consider adding fitness ropes - also known as exercise, power, training, battle, workout ropes - for versatility. Here's why.

1.       Fitness ropes are easy on the budget.  If you want to build upper body strength as well as your core, there's no need to purchase big-ticket equipment like bench presses. Opt for a 2"diameter battle rope or the more affordable 1.5"diameter lightweight battle rope to give your body a full workout.


2.       Training ropes are easy to use. By the very nature of their design, fitness ropes are simple to use but with profound benefits to your over-all strength.


3.       Battle ropes are portable. Unlike treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bicycles and the aforementioned bench press, battle ropes can be used wherever you fancy to exercise. Tie it to an anchor and you are all set.


4.       Exercise ropes create low-impact workouts. Often, when you want to burn more calories, you need to intensity your workouts, which translate to placing heavy strain on your joints. With exercise ropes, you get high-intensity workouts with little risk of injury.


5.       Fitness ropes can be used as climbing ropes and more. Beyond waves, snakes and spirals, do not overlook other creative uses of the rope in climbing or pulling or even in team exercise! The rope can be as versatile as your imagination.


6.       Training ropes can be tailored to your fitness level. If a 2" diameter and 50-foot battle rope is too much to handle at the moment, start easy with a 1.5"diameter and 30-foot battle rope and go with a thicker and longer one as you progress.


7.       Working out with ropes can be varied to support high-intensity training. If you think all you can do with ropes is to pull them or make jumping jacks or alternating waves with them, think again. Working out with ropes can be divided into 5 sets of 30-second intervals using throws, slams, snakes, spirals, outside circles and such, coupled with a 60-second rest in between. The same rope can be used to warm up and cool down, as in jumping jacks.

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