One type of cardio training that gets discussed at a very high frequency rate is that of fasted cardio training. The theory behind this is that you get up first thing in the morning and before downing your usual breakfast meal, you head straight for the gym and get in a good 30-60 minutes of cardio first. By doing so, you'll turn directly to your body fat stores for energy rather than utilizing the current glucose in the system as you would be doing had you have had something to eat prior to doing the session. 

 Now, when it comes to the benefits of fasted cardio, they may be more than you originally realized. Most people think that the primary benefit of fasted cardio is that enhanced fat burning effect. While this definitely is one of the benefits that it provides, it's definitely not the only one.

 First, with regards to the fat that is burned during fasted cardio, more than any other form of fat burning exercise, when done in a fasted state like this you will have a greater ability to target the stubborn fat stores on your body, which include the hips and thighs for women as well as the abs and lower back for men.

 These areas of the body tend to be more resistant to giving up their fat stores and are why these are generally the very last places that you'll lose body fat as well.

 In addition to that, if you supplement with caffeine along with yohimbe before doing your  fasted cardio, which are supplements that will help to boost the levels of catecholamines in the body, which then stimulates fat burning enzymes to make fatty acids more available to be burned off, you'll see even better results yet.

Now that you have a little insight on the importance of fasted cardio most people will get up, change into your fancy gym attire, drive to the gym and get on an elliptical machine for 45 minutes. Then they'll have to drive back home. The only problem is that this process will take you an hour and a half or maybe even longer depending on how far you live from your gym.

The solution is very simple. Get yourself an inexpensive battle rope from Rope Fit. From the time it takes you to get fancied up for the gym to when you first step on the machine at the gym you'll be over half way through your battle rope exercises in your yard or the parking lot of your apartment complex.

The key to burning fat is getting to your target heart rate quick and keeping it there. No other exercise will get you to that target heart rate and keep it there, than battle ropes. When using the battle rope you are taxing virtually every muscle in your body, hence the immediate heart rate elevation. Also, not only are you getting a great cardio workout, you will get a tremendous core workout second to none. 

So if you wanna burn that stubborn fat don't skip your fasted cardio, but do skip the long process of going to the gym in the morning and get yourself a battle rope from Rope Fit for the fastest, fasted cardio available.  

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