The NFL, NCAA, and high school football programs across the nation have begun adding Rope Fit battle ropes and workout chains to their training regimen.  In a sport where speed, power, and explosiveness determine the winning team, a piece of equipment that can target all three is a no brainer. 

The 1.5” ropes are best for speed and agility, because a player will be able to move their arms much faster for a cardiovascular workout.  Additionally players can add footwork to enhance coordination and increase difficulty.

For power and explosiveness, the 2” ropes are recommended, because of the sheer strength it takes to lift them off the ground in short bursts. The weight of these ropes will add muscle mass and target fast-twitch response in both upper and lower body simultaneously.

The progressive resistance with the use of heavy workout chains will have athlete's breaking through growth and strength plateaus. Additionally the unstable sway of the chains when used in various exercises are great for the core and stabilizer muscles. 

 Virtually every NFL and NCAA football program are utilizing battle ropes and training chains. High school and pop warner programs are starting to get on board and seeing the tremendous benefits with the use of these inexpensive, functional fitness tools.