We all know that ropes and chains have come into the forefront of fitness and training regimens over the last few years because of what is called resistance training. This is the category of training and fitness that plays off isometrics. 

You remember a few years back where there was a push for weightless muscle training and strengthening by using your own weight and pressure as resistance? For example, you clasp your two hands together, rest one elbow on a knee and try a bicep curl with one arm while applying force to the other arm as a counterweight. Sort of like self-arm wrestling. And then you had the running exercises where a rubber band-like device was put around your waist and a partner stood behind you holding the ends of the rubber band and as you ran forward, your partner would be leaning back, trying to put a counterweight against you to prevent you from running forward.

The same principle applies here. Using ropes, you can create resistance training exercises that work all the major muscle groups in your body without weights. The ropes can be attached to some object on one end, and you can grab the other ends of the rope and do a number of exercises where your weight and force is countered by the weight and force of the ojbect on the other end of the rope. 

Not sure how this might work? We have a few videos on our site that can give you some ideas of how ropes can be used, and e also show you who is actually using rope and chain training - this includes first-responders and professional athletes. 

Rope and chain training is more mobile and forgiving than free weights and can actually give you a better workout in some ways! Take a look at some of the ideas and let us know if you have any other exercises that you use with ropes or chains and let us know about them!

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