One of the first obstacles to overcome when working out with battle ropes is learning how to maintain intensity over time. Once you do, you’ll noticeably find an improvement to the lactic acid threshold in your upper body. Ropes introduce a unique concept, since the majority of conditioning exercises focus mainly on locomotion, running, climbing, and other drills, as propelled by the legs. Working out with battle ropes will go far in helping with your other lifts and activities outside the gym, too. Rope workouts have also become one of the secret weapons for MMA fighters in training, whose goals are to be able to maintain intensity on a variety of rope drills for a preset time, with beginning increments of 5 minutes.

Reintroduction of the Fun Workout

Actually, workout ropes are fun. The majority of people who either dread or altogether avoid the gym may do so, for reasons beyond being lazy. After an initial period of enthusiasm, many people find that they become bored at the typical big box gym. There is no shared enthusiasm, and actually very few changes have been implemented over the last 30 years. Introducing new innovative tools like heavy ropes brings a breath of fresh air to a workout; they create newfound variety, excitement, while being entirely unique. Workout ropes are getting people out and these people are discovering a sustainable type of fun from working out like never before.

Ropes Help Develop Mental Endurance

Developing mental toughness and learning to overcome obstacles is one of the most important things a person can do. When people first start out working with heavy ropes, the idea of maintaining intensity over 1 minute seems altogether unachievable, however a faithful adherence to a consistent training routine that features fully achievable incremental increases will help them to surpass any mental barriers and emerge with a new and greatly improved sense of inner confidence.

Natural Correction of Unilateral Dominance and Imbalance

An observation of most beginners during their workouts may reveal that one side of their body may not move in symmetry with the other; One side may appear to be more dominant, generating a bigger wave, or one side may seem to lack the same coordination displayed by the other one. The good news is that rope training, over time, will make differences disappear, with both sides eventually mirroring each other. Rope workouts offer an excellent method of balancing the output from your right and left sides.

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