If you are looking for a safe, fun and challenging workout for your children, then battle ropes could be the answer. Persuading children to exercise is often difficult, especially if they prefer to spend their time in front of a games console or watching TV. Traditional workouts involving free weights are not safe for children who are still growing, but battle ropes offer a great combination of cardio and strength benefits.

Battle rope workouts are a lot of fun, but they are also quite challenging to do correctly. A battle rope is a large length of rope that is secured to a wall or looped around a metal pole. To use the rope, you grab the end and swing it in a whipping motion. The exercise looks easy, but it is incredibly tiring and employs the muscles in your arms, back and core. Even energetic and athletic children feel exhausted after a few minutes of working with battle ropes.

Battle ropes are a safe and efficient form of exercise that adapts to the fitness level and size of the person using the rope. Even young children can use battle ropes safely and enjoy a low-impact muscle building workout. As your child gets older, he may try more challenging workouts that involve spinning the ropes instead of simply performing a whipping motion.

Instead of trying to persuade your child to spend an hour or more playing team sports or coaxing him into performing monotonous calisthenics, try a short battle rope workout. A minute or two using battle ropes is all it takes to get breathless. It does not take long to do a few rounds of whips, chops or windmills with battle ropes, giving your child a quick and entertaining strength and conditioning workout.

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