Rock climbing has become a popular outdoor sport in the last few years. While people have been climbing steep cliff faces and large rock formations for many decades, it has become more and more a great exercise activity for the outdoor enthusiasts. Maybe because rowing a kayak just doesn't provide the muscle training that is needed. Kayaking must be a gateway exercise.

Anyway, there is little doubt about the athleticism, flexibility, strength and pure adrenaline rush that comes from rock climbing. It is something that takes hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, strength in areas of your body where you never thought muscles existed, as well as dexterity and the mental ability to be flexible in case a toehold or fingerhold slips.

However, sometimes, let's admit it, it is not always the best thing to practice and get in shape for rock climbing ... by rock climbing. In order to get better at rock climbing, it is often best to cross train by being firmly planted on the ground or at least in a controlled environment.

And in order to be an effective rock climber, one usually has to be strong but flexible and nimble - which means have strong, long muscles that are not bulked up. That is why getting strong in weight rooms is usually not a recommended idea. This is where ropes and chains come in. 

Ropes and chains are perfect for resistance training, which has shown to be an effective muscle strengthener without compromising flexibility. And we at Rope Fit have worked with rock climbers and can help you not only find good training ropes or chains that you can use to strengthen your body while practicing rock climbing, but we can also direct you to some ways to set up the ropes and chains to get additional exercises that will benefit you as you pursue your hobby.

Take a look at our selection of training ropes and chains and see if there is something that will fit your need. Not sure? Contact us, and we can help you choose with confidence.

Happy Climbing!

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