Heavy rope training is a fun and intense exercise that helps to build muscle, improve your cardiovascular capacity and build endurance too. Rope training is popular with martial artists, rock climbers and endurance athletes. At first glance, rope training looks like a simple arm exercise, but it actually employs your whole body if it is performed correctly.

There are several different exercises that can be performed with heavy ropes. The most well-known exercise is the simple rope wave. This exercise is primarily an arm and shoulder exercise that improves your power and endurance, and boosts your metabolic rate. More advanced versions of the exercise include slams, throws, whips and rope spirals.

To get the maximum benefit from rope exercise, stand with your feet slightly further than shoulder width apart and bend your knees. Try to keep an upright posture when performing the exercises, and focus on feeling the tension in your core. Rope exercises employ your biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, legs and core, and trigger the fast-twitch muscles that are required for explosive movements such as those found in grappling and striking. These exercises are much more efficient at building functional strength than any exercises performed on a weight machine. For a more challenging exercise, choose a heavier rope or try to swing the rope more quickly.

Rope training is a good supplement to a traditional health and fitness program. If you have suffered from an injury that prevents you from lifting weights, why not try a rope based workout instead? Rope training is suitable for all age groups and genders, and provides a full body workout, even for people with mobility problems.

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