Battle Rope 101

Iron Edge serious training gives a simple explanation on the use and benefits of battle ropes

Battle Ropes for Boys and Girls

Getting in great physical condition isn't just for the boys. Parents and coaches of young girls are seeing the importance of conditioning at an early age. Traditional weights are very taboo for children, as they can get injured, however, with BATTLE ROPES, children get a great low impact muscle toning workout. They also get an incredible cardio and all body conditioning workout. Start your kids off at an early age with a fun and incredible piece of fitness equipment like BATTLE ROPES from Rope Fit.  

The Duke Academy taking his athletes to the next level with intense heavy rope training.

 The Duke Academy ( TDA ) founder Duke Rousse has been training professional, college, high school and grade school athletes for numerous years. His client list is a virtual who's who of star athletes. Duke has seen the importance of BATTLE/TRAINING ROPES for conditioning and endurance and implements them into his training for all of his athletes. Duke also utilizes Rope Fit's resistance chains. In this video he utilizes every variety of Rope Fit's BATTLE/TRAINING ROPES. They are all 50 feet in length and one is the light weight ( black and yellow ) the others are our 1.5 inch and 2 inch heavy duty polydacron BATTLE/TRAINING ROPES.  

Hardcore chain training

 Excellent video of the numerous uses for heavy chains. Great for #MMA fighters, #Crossfitters, #bodybuilders, #powerlifters and virtually every other #athlete. The progressive resistance and unstable motion of the chains works muscles you never thought you had. Break your #training plateaus with Rope Fit's #trainingchains, #battleropes, #climbingropes and various other #fitnessropes.

Battle rope training for those wheel chair bound or with lower body injuries

Many people feel that if you're wheel chair bound or you tear an ACL or break your leg or ankle that you're going to get fat. This is because everyone associates burning fat with traditional cardio i.e.. running, walking, elliptical machine, bicycling, stair master etc..This couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is you will get a better cardio workout from BATTLE ROPES than just about any exercise out there. Additionally you will still be getting a tremendous full upper body and core workout. This applies not only to those that are wheel chair bound or have a lower extremity injury. Many elderly start to put on weight because it difficult to do the traditional cardio workouts, due to aging and hip problems. They will get a better workout sitting in a chair using the battle ropes in 10 minutes, than they would get if they were able to walk for several hours. Anyone who knows anything about burning fat knows that you must have your heart rate up in order to incinerate that fat. . Even if you are missing an arm you can still get an incredible cardio workout by just using the other arm. In a nut shell, the BATTLE ROPES are the best way.  

6 year old training with Battle Ropes

 Six year old Nicholas DiGerolamo from New Orleans, Louisiana training with Rope Fit's battle rope with his dad and went for over a minute straight!! This was after his second time using the heavy ropes. Battle ropes are the best low impact, high intensity workout and will significantly increase his endurance for all of the sports he plays. Great job little Nick!! Kids are having fun with Rope Fit battle ropes by making waves, pulling each other around on the grass on plastic or card board, tug O wars and numerous other activities. They're getting an incredible strength and stamina workout and dont even realize it, BECAUSE ITS FUN!!!!!. Good health and active lifesyles start at home, so get the kids off the XBOX and get them an inexpensive battle rope from Rope Fit.

Battle ropes for athletes

Dave Morgan, a certified strength and conditioning specialist who has coached and trained countless athletes in virtually every sport for approximately 40 years. Here he gives an excellent explanation on the physics on the use of the battle ropes, while conditioning NFL lineman Andy Alleman.